Address: 429 13th Street, Franklin, PA 16323

Directions: The easiest way to find the building is to drive to the bowling alley (Located at 1244 Buffalo St, Franklin, PA 16323), then my building is the very next building. It’s on the corner of Buffalo and 13th Street, and the door you’ll enter is on the Buffalo Street side, it’s a large industrial-looking black metal door.

Parking: Street Parking is available around both sides of the building; feel free to park along Buffalo Street or onto 13th Street near City Hall.

Coming into the building: there will be a sign on the door for you to enter. Come up the steps, where you’ll see two doors. To the left of the doors, there will be a waiting area. You’re welcome to have a seat and wait until I come to get you. Inside my apartment, I’ll show you the studio space, the inside waiting area, and the refreshment station.

Payment: Lesson payments are due at the beginning of the lesson via cash, check, Venmo, or Google Pay. You’re welcome to pay per lesson or monthly, whichever is easiest for you. Lessons are $20/half hour, $35/hour.

Pet Disclaimer: I do have cats that live in my apartment. You are more than welcome to play with them, feed them the occasional treat, and pet them (especially Joey and Willow), but we recognize that cats aren’t for everyone. You’re welcome to use the outside waiting area if you have allergies or aversions to felines. The lesson room is off limits to the kitties, so if your student is allergic, their lessons will take place in an allergen-free zone. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!